Harvey’s Towing Services

March 14, 2023

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Joanne Lim forms part of the trusted Outsource CFO division of ABL Advisors. She prides herself on offering services that meet the changing needs of her clients, with one case being Harvey’s Towing Services. Harvey’s Towing started as a single site towing business with 30 trucks. Over the course of 20 years the business has grown to three sites and over 80 trucks servicing Southeast Queensland regions.

As a result of the additional businesses and operational locations, the complexity of the day-to-day operations and management of their finance office grew. From the number of software platforms being used, to the volume of staff, invoices and sales transactions the importance of a robust finance department was clear.

Deciphering, checking, approving, and updating accounting information would have become time-consuming. It also had the potential for costly inaccuracies to creep in or even worse fraud. Joanne as an experienced CFO understood the need to find solutions that would capture accounts payable, sales, payroll data and reporting in a consistent format.

Implementing cloud-based solutions like the Accounts payable automation software called Lightyear, payroll software Tanda, and for management reporting software Fathom, Joanne was able to recognise game-changing efficiencies and accuracy. Also, as an experienced CFO Joanne recognised high risk areas in the battery inventory and payroll processes. By implementing accounting best practice in all areas of the business, high risk issues were resolved before they become a problem.

The inclusion of the cloud-based tech stack into Harvey’s allowed them to continue to scale operations and gain more significant insights into their financials. Joanne describes the implementation of the tech stack as in-depth process but straight forward if you have the expertise and experience.

With guidance from the ABL Advisor support team, Joanne was able to customise all the various inputs in the system so that everything was in the right place and format when it synced to Xero.

In a nutshell, Joanne was able to provide the expertise they needed to give the Harvey’s team the time back to focus on the business, sales turnover, employees and the client.

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